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My favourite thing to do in the winter season is wrap up in oversized layers of knit and pretend I don’t notice the extra inches on my waistline. There’s something comforting about the combination of knit and leather layers in sometimes inappropriate proportions that makes my little cold feet happy.




“I’ve noticed that truth is very rarely found in the extremes, in the black and white – you’ll usually find it right in the middle, in the grey. It’s just much harder to find that way” 

This is a quote from a book I’ve been meaning to read called “Dating: I think we’ve missed the point” by Cole Ryan. I used to be a firm believer of the grey areas, thinking that nothing in life can be simply black or white, which in turn has led to creating difficult situations even out of simple ones. 

I hope to speak more about this topic in greater lengths sometime in the future, but if you’d like to comment on how “grey areas” affect our day-to-day lives and decisions, leave a comment below, let’s talk it out!

Also, I’m having a closet sale as part of a detox process and I’ve listed some items on my depop shop. Do follow me @ “qveenalma” to see/buy what I’m selling! :)

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I hope you have a great week!


{Photography by @seandiamondto}

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    Love those leggings! I have a similar pair on my amazon wish list that I hope someone will buy for me. :D

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    Sonia Aicha

    I totally agree with you and most of the oversized layers are really stylish.
    Great outfit by the way :)

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