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Lagos Style Diary


Visiting Nigeria for me ultimately means wearing Nigerian Brands. I did a post here, following my visit to Nigeria last year, showcasing some of my favourite outfits from upcoming Nigerian designers. This time around, I had the pleasure of working with different set of brands, some upcoming and some established, but...

Lagos, Nigeria Vlog!!


I feel like it's been years since I typed the URL "" into any browser tab. Truthfully, life has happened to me in very different waves of turbulence in the last 3 months and I am only just regaining my stability. I was in Lagos, Nigeria earlier this month, for...

Style Diary: Lagos, Nigeria

Going home to Lagos, Nigeria for the holidays was easily one of the highlights of 2016 for me. I had not been back for a year (which is a really long time for me) so it felt really good being with friends and family, celebrating the season and of course eating...

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