Winter clothing in Canada is a necessity, and even in the middle of a pandemic, we all recognize that it’s that time of the year again to dust off our snow boots, scarves, beanies, gloves and larger-than-life parkas.

As if the chilling winds & sunset at 4 pm were not warning enough, I recently saw a post that Ontario will be dealing with a great amount of snow in the next few days. Nothing new, just the regular gloomy weather with a side of “darn, did I forget to wear thermals” today? If you’re a resident of Canada, then you know that we spend approximately 6 months of the year layering up like our lives depend on it – well, it actually does but that is not the point lol. And, if you are an aspiring Canadian resident, then I hope this post is not your first introduction to how cold it gets in the North.

In this post, I will be sharing some stores and brands that are my go-to when I’m looking for cute, essential and basic winter clothing for the colder months. Yes, I said cute. If I’m going to be living in layers, the least I can do is look good while doing it. For this round of content, I’ve kept it to affordable stores that are also accessible in most cities – that is, you do not need to worry about shipping (locally/internationally), duties fees or waiting for couriers to deliver on time. You can literally walk into the store, buy what you need and run back to safety, sorry warmth.


  1. Uniqlo – I swear by Uniqlo’s heat tech range. I have them in different styles and colours. You can wear these under anything! They are not bulky, light-weight and affordable enough. I’ve had my pair for over 2 years and they wash really well too.
  2. Joe Fresh


  1. H&M
  2. Zara
  3. Aritzia
  4. Nordstrom Rack
  5. Winners
  6. Marshalls
  7. RW&Co
  8. Oak & Fort
  9. Maison Simons
  10. Topshop
  11. Dynamite
  12. Everlane
  13. Anthropologie


A jacket that can withstand the test of time and weather is probably the best investment you will make in your winter closet. Depending on the province you live in, you should look for jackets that can protect you from -20 degrees weather, at least. When shopping, read the labels and properties of the jacket before making a choice.

  1. Aritzia – The TNA Super Puff is arguably one of the best winter jackets for an amazing price on the market! Quote me anywhere!
  2. Hudson Bay
  3. Marshalls
  4. Sport Chek
  5. Nordstrom Rack
  6. MEC
  7. Nordstrom
  8. Maison Simons
  9. North Face


Amazing winter boots are an investment! I never recommend “cheapening” out on boots because you will have them for years, so you need a pair that is designed to last. You want to think about the longevity, material and comfortability when buying a pair of boots.

  1. Nordstrom
  2. Zara
  3. Designer Shoe Warehouse
  4. Hudson Bay
  5. MEC
  6. Nordstrom Rack


  1. Zara
  2. H&M
  3. Joe Fresh
  4. Dynamite

I hope you found this post useful! Please leave a comment below on any more style tips you will like to see on the blog!

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    The Brands Info

    OMG! You just made my life easy. Thankyou for sharing this information through your blog.

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