Winter mornings don’t exactly start off in the brightest ways, literally. Between trying to fight off the lack of Vitamin E induced fatigue and rushing out to avoid the snowy morning traffic, there’s little to no time to ponder on the pairability of yellow and orange.

Sometime ago, I did a massive closet purge down to the essentials in my wardrobe, sorted per season. Initially, it started off as simply wanting to get rid of pieces that never got wear (except on shoot days), then graduated to the need to build a functional closet that complements my personal style. To those that have been on the TAC journey for a while, I’m sure it has become apparent that my motto is “let basics do all the work”. In all honesty, I blame the rise of fast fashion for my sudden disinterest in “trends”. I believe in buying/investing in what’s functional as opposed to what’s flashy.

I’ve come to realise that the reason I’m drawn to monochromatic outfits is the ease of pairing and wear. Despite having an array of colours in my wardrobe, I find that on busy days (which seems like everyday), a simple white shirt and pair of black pants will always be more than enough.

For this winter look, I’ve paired a white ribbed sweater, with high waisted pants, a longline smart coat and knee length boots. For warmer days, swap boots for a pair of flats, sneakers, barely there sandals or even pumps. In addition, I’ve accessorised with this striped purse, to add texture to an otherwise basic outfit.

Monochrome Outfit Ideas | The Alma Chronicle

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photography: @seandiamondto