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I wore this pair of wide legged Massimo Dutti pants on my Instagram a while ago and you guys loved it, so I decided to style it another way on the blog.

Seeing as a traditional all white look is one of my favourites and go-to, I figured to share 4 tips on rocking this trend without fail.

FYI, an all white outfit is ALWAYS on trend.

  • Match Your Whites:

Typically, there are different shades to white, ranging from ivory to cream, vanilla and navajo white. To achieve a clean, sleek look, it is important to make sure the shade(s) in your outfit work together. The last thing you want is one piece of clothing being brighter and automatically, making the other look dirty. My tip to testing the pairability is taking a photo in the brightest light you can find before stepping out.

  • Accessories:

The best part about an all white outfit is that any colour of accessory works. On most days, I gravitate towards bolder coloured purses, shoes and jewellery. For this post, I have paired my outfit with this gorgeous green Timabee purse. I find that the green is a great contrast and those stones make for the perfect extra detail!

  • Texture:

The general rule to pairing monochrome pieces is playing with textures, but this can sometimes be overlooked. Want to wear cotton on cotton? Go for it. Keep in mind point 1 and you’ll be fine!

  • Proportions:

White is to broadening as black is to slimming. It is essential to create a noticeable sense of structure and shape when wearing an all white outfit. If you’re wearing wider pieces at the bottom, keep the top fitted or tucked in. This also works vice versa. In the case of dresses, opt for a simple belt to cinch the waist and create that silhouette, like I’ve done here.

Finally, if you’re not confident enough to wear an all white look, I suggest pairing with neutrals like I’ve done here. The end result is still a chic and stylish look.

Do you have any tips to rocking this trend? Let me know below!

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photography: @seandiamondto

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    Loving the all white combo! Going to style an outfit like this soon!


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      Thank you Deola! I can’t wait to see it :D

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