The Wedding Guest

Summer is in full bloom and so are wedding invites, vows and champagne flutes. If you are anything like me, not the bride yet but a glorified wedding guest and a proud monitor of Instagram wedding hashtags (e.g #almabae2016) then this post is for you. I’m sharing my personal tips on being the perfect wedding guest from picking out outfits to table etiquette.

White? Really?: I have a personal problem with people who show up to weddings in a white outfit. If you plan on wearing white, you might as well upstage the bride at the altar and take her man. Go all out. If you are guilty of this, I can hear you in the background whispering the “but I’m accessorizing with other colours so technically, I’m not wearing all white” excuse. Girl, unless you’re putting a non-white dress over that, that “but” is invalid.

Good news: You can wear black but unless you’re crashing your ex’s day and hoping to make a statement, throw in some colour, it’s not a funeral. 

Keep mini-s for the after party: As a member of the unhitched club, I understand the temptation to wear a super tight short dress to a wedding because groomsmen, duh. Don’t. Midi-dresses, jumpsuits or wide legged bottoms and a top are really flattering pieces to wear as a guest. There’s nothing wrong with flaunting your best asset as long as it’s done minimally.

Stripper heels are a NO-NO: For obvious reasons. Stick to barely there sandals if you’re in doubt or go with pointees. We’re trying to stay classy here guys, work with me.

Eat before: There’s absolutely nothing sexy about a wedding guest hassling serves for food. You didn’t get your hair, nails and make-up on fleek to hassle waiters and hang around the buffet table. Nope. I understand that sometimes your outfit might not let you to grab a huge bite before the ceremony, as you want to arrive in your “fleekest form”, it is okay to munch on a little something to keep you filled up till the food arrives. I always have a protein bar in my purse for days like this.

Know your limit: Yes, excitement is in the air and you are okay with having a few more glasses of champagne because it’s a wedding and it’ll be a social crime not to take advantage of free drinks but remember it’s not a frat party, drink responsibly.

Anti-social?: People from different career and social backgrounds attend weddings, thereby making it one of the best gatherings for networking and socializing. Don’t be that gum ball sitting in the corner pressing your phone and taking selfies. You never can tell what new opportunity or friendship will stem from that conversation over champagne and small chops.

Manners: I cannot stress this enough. The ushers/servers/photographers do not work for you! And even if they did, be polite. Say please when necessary and don’t forget the thank-you’s with a big smile too!

The Wedding Guest

The Wedding Guest

I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead and if you happen to be a wedding guest, tag me in your photos!

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    OMG this dress is absolutely gorgeous! I’d really love to get something similar to this cause i haven’t gotten to the point of wearing $2000 dresses, lol.
    Your style is amazing Alma!

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    You look absolutely stunning! Xo

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      Thank you!

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    Lottie L'Amour

    That dress is PHENOMENAL. You can tell it is super expensive too! I absolutely love the hue of purple it is, you look incredible :)

    Lottie xx

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    This wedding guest dress is really stunning , love the cute and silhouette

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    Wow look at you, you look stunning!!! So beautiful but don’t forget your not supposed to upstage the bride. U may have to rethink this one!! lol ;) ;) x xx

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    You look so beautiful in that dress and your tips are so on point.

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      Thank you!


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