“All the concepts about stepping out of your comfort zone mean nothing until you decide that your essential purpose, vision and goals are more important than your self-imposed limitations.”

 – Robert White

Stepping out of your comfort zone | The Alma Chronicle

I find it ironic that in the era of technology, what holds most of us back from achieving certain goals and stepping out of our comfort zones, is fear and self-imposed limitations – it feels almost like a disservice to the path that has been paved and what has been accomplished by those before us.

Thinking back to my days as a child, I was gifted with a bold imagination and an unwavering determination to be successful – At a young age, I dreamt all or nothing dreams and with the help of my parents, fuelled every interest of mine. Extra math lessons for the Accountant, extended tennis and golf lessons on the weekends for my inner Serena and Tiger, and on the days I could, a swimming tutor was squeezed into the mix.

But as I grew older, I became more familiar with the skewed idea of a comfort zone, fear of failure and personal boundaries that ultimately limited the maximization of my potential – The other day, I had a conversation with a friend that sparked the thought “when last did you do something unfamiliar?” It took me a good minute to come up with 3 things.

While a part of me blames my lack of spontaneity, creativity and inability to handle uncertainty on being a Capricorn, I’m starting to realize that there’s only so much I can blame the horned goat for.

Stepping out of your comfort zone | The Alma Chronicle

The oh so clichée quote that goes “you are not afraid to start, you are afraid to fail” has now resonated with me on so many fronts, as I started taking active steps towards achieving certain goals and  challenging my idea of a comfort zone – Our current society has such a huge fear of failure, forgetting that when ambition exceeds ability, you are going to experience hardship and you have the choice to fear it or embrace it.

A few weeks ago, I pushed past my comfort zone and decided to speak into the universe, my desire to host my first event in Toronto. As an introvert, that is a really big deal for me! But not only did I get the best response and support from my online community, I also truly felt the rewards of pushing past one’s personal boundaries.

As an adult, learning to overcome fear and doubt will be some of the hardest lessons, but will also be the most rewarding. The combination of bliss, confidence and courage is the reason I encourage you to do something this week that you’ve been pushing off, because of your self-doubt/fear/anxiety…..

“Hedging your ambition – knowing that you want and could do something more but lowering your aims, is an insult to your opportunity”


Have a great week!

Till next time,


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    This really resonated with me.

    So glad to see you stepping all the way out of your comfort zone and making room for more growth in your life. Thanks for sharing Alma!


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      Thank you for stopping by babe! I really appreciate the support! ❤️

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    Yara Mel

    Hey Alma! Your pictures are so stunning, love these and the one from the previous post!
    I’ve also been trying to get out of my comfort zone. Good thinks happens on the other side of it right ;)
    Much strength to you for juggling a job and your blog. You have great content. I’m also on the same
    journey and it’s not an easy one!

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      It definitely isn’t an easy one but cheers to you for trying too! Remember that taking a step is already half the work girl!


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