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I must admit, I have missed the familiarity of blogging. Last year, I made a strategic decision to grow my social media presence and focus less on producing content on here. Of course, this was for various reasons like 1) realizing that people have the shortest attention span to read blog posts, myself included 2) a lot more brands were willing to partner on a social media platforms than on a website (which I still find weird till this day, but oh well) & 3) I probably didn’t have as much time on my hands as I thought I did.

However, I decided to start blogging consistently again as I’m now certain that The Alma Chronicle is the only thing that has been stable in my life for the past 4 years. I started this platform as an avenue to share my experiences, in the hopes of being an inspiration whether through style, my words, adventures, etccc. Somewhere along the way, I may have lost sight of that and focused on the non-important aspects of owning a platform. Not in 2019.


I’ve been putting a lot of thought into finding/figuring out my purpose recently. It all started from a rather dramatic breakdown sometime last year that left me shattered for weeks because I just couldn’t place my finger on why I felt so unfulfilled with how my life at that time was shaping out. Guaranteed, everything looked good on paper but it all felt like one big ol’ space of nothing.

I buried my head in a book called “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, to get a better understanding of why I felt that way, and in all honesty, I had hoped it’ll provide some type of guidance, no matter how little. Will this journey always feel like a case of making steps/strides, cowering, breaking down, hiding and then beginning the journey again till we get to our desired destination or at least what we think our desired destination is? I thought.

The answer to that is probably yes. However, I have realized that the good thing about this journey to discovering purpose is knowing that at any phase, you can turn back or take some time to reset if you don’t think you can continue down a certain path.

Yes, the cute IG quotes and Pinterest motivational pins tell us to keep pushing even when you’re unsure (not going to lie, these things have me f*cked up because sometimes I just want to process how I feel without the kumbaya tunes), but have you thought about how much irreparable damage you might cause putting yourself through what’s not meant for you? Who’s to say there’s only a single path to a destination?

For me, the simple fact that I know I can turn back gives me the confidence to want to take that step because I know there’s always an exit door. That alone takes a lot of pressure off.


The winter season has been kicking my butt emotionally, and I’ve been trying to fight back by exuding the confidence I need through my outfits. I recently shared a 1-min video on my Instagram (shameless plug, click this to follow me), sharing ways to add color to your winter wardrobe – Following that, I picked up this off-white Massimo Dutti turtleneck dress (similar here) a couple weeks ago and I immediately knew I wanted to style it for the blog. Paired with a pair of white leather boots, a Charles Keith purse, and statement earrings, it’s definitely one of my favorite looks at the moment.



Till next time,



(photography: @beyondfilmandphotography)

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    I loved how this post ended. It was very honest and I think that this is a struggle that many are going through, but shying away from showing.

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      Thank you for reading Christina! I’m glad that I have this platform and will continue to share some of the struggles of a young adult, laced with cute outfits lol!


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    Love this look. Too Chic!

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      Thank you!!

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    I can totally relate especially at the keep push stuff when I just need a solution. It’s January and my head is overwhelmed- can’t wait to get out of this funk. This was very helpful to show that am not alone

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      You are definitely not alone! Glad I could be of help ❤️


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