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There’s only about $30 worth of wear in this jacket but I’m just warming up. Literally. 

Just a Millennial | The Alma Chronicle

Nothing warms my heart more than a monochrome piece, especially when combined with denim and oversize elements.

I made a promise in my earlier post to stay true to oversize pieces this fall, mainly because of how comfortable they are but also, low-key because 2016 has been one hell of a year (read as roller coaster) & I find myself munching on some type of comfort food at ungodly hours of the day just to stay afloat.

I came across a tweet on my TL that read:

“Anyone who makes it to January needs to add 2016 survivor to their résumé”

As funny as I found that, it got me thinking. What is it about 2016 that has made a majority of us find it so challenging? I have a theory on it being the “transition” year for us millennials, and we all know how it is almost impossible for millennials to go through trials without broadcasting it to the world.

I spoke to an elderly friend, who is a member of Generation X about all the problems I was facing in this “transition” phase of my life. After listening for hours, he replied with a one-liner that ignited a fresh set of questions. He said:

“Every individual goes through similar challenges in their formative years, the problem with the millennial generation is the unhealthy reliability on social media for direction and clarity” . 

I argued that sentence for at least 30 minutes trying to prove otherwise (typical millennial, ey) but I think there’s an element of truth to it. On numerous occasions, I found myself seeking clarity from people just as confused as I was. I spent hours on social media trying to connect with people that the only thing we had in common was a timeline. Don’t get me wrong, I spoke to some amazing people. But sometimes, we neglect the real life connections we have in search of a new perspective, forgetting that those connections are as a result of past experiences that go beyond 140 characters.

Do you agree with my friend’s opinion or not? I’d love to read your comments below.

Till next time, have a great week ahead!



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    Love the jacket a lot

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      Thank you Ifeoma! It’s really a wonder what one can find in thrift stores!

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    Style Domination

    My best friend (my husband) bought me a stunning jade bangle during his last trip to China. It’s luminescence, the deep green colour and the fact that the striations in the stone look like swirling green smoke makes my heart flutter every time I wear it. Treasured piece already!!

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