One of the few good things about living in a cold ass country is that I can layer up as many pieces in my wardrobe for the sake of it (more like, to stay alive) without feeling fat or guilty.


IMG_9871 (1)

The weather was a tad bearable (laughing in -16 degrees and unpredictable snow), so I yanked my amazing friend & photographer off his couch and his new Netflix obsession and took some pictures.

Turtlenecks are my new favourite type of sweaters and are quickly taking over my winter closet. From oversized knits to fitted long sleeves to bold colours and of course my neutrals, I have been making quite an investment.

If you wear a lot of black as I do, and I cannot believe I’m saying this but sometimes it might feel like you’re wearing too much black. Other neutral pieces like grey and white can be added to break up the mix while still keeping it simple and undone.

Would you rock a double turtle neck outfit? Leave a comment below on your favourite ways to wear a turtleneck.

Till next time…


(Photos by Ekom)

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    I love you in neutrals for some reason! You wear them so well! Our snow princess<3 <3

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      Thank you Bella sweetie!

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      Thank you Cassie!

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    Boy was I surprised to know I had a namesake who is a fashion blogger like me too. Hello Alma, my name is Alma. Pleased to meet you.
    The Style Cheapskate

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      Lol..we really are rare out there. Hi Alma!

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