I am one of those people that are always late to the make -up party, I like to have the beauty gurus go at it, read/watch endless reviews then purchase it when a collection is almost outdated.

However, I have been anticipating the MAC liquid lipsticks for quite a while because I am a stan of MAC lipsticks and previously wondered why they held back on the liquid lipstick game for this long.

The new collection named RETRO MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICKS hit stores on the 7th of January 2016 and has quickly become the talk of every beauty guru on the block. MAC promises the collection to be “a splash of colour in a liquid suede finish that is impossible to forget” and this can be seen in the 15 different shades ranging from nude colours like Lady Be Good to Fashion Legacy which is a fire red to High Drama which is on the darker end.

I opted for only two shades, High Drama which is described as a “deep dark plum” and Dance with me which is a “deep cranberry red”



The formula is a pigmented liquid lipstick that has a matte/suede like finish. It applies smoothly and has a drying time of 30 seconds to 1 min giving you enough time to layer and work it up to your desired look. It lasted a good amount of time, say 7 hrs before any signs of “cracking”. It works well with meals, and I also love that it wears off evenly as opposed to in chunks/bits. However, the only thing that put me off with these lipsticks is that taking it off is such a chore!

Honestly, there is nothing spectacular about these lipsticks. I feel like holding back on the liquid lipstick market for this long caused customers to expect a lot more from MAC and this is no different from what is on the market right now.


Applicator wand – 9/10

Consistency – 8/10

Durability – 7.5/10

Packaging – Classic MAC

Price – $20

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    Great review! Definitely not as excited about them as I was before ?… I’ll get one later. Keep up the great work, Alma!❤️

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      Thank you for reading Nike!..xx

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    Thanks for the great review, Alma! I’m excited to try these! I’m swinging by Nordstrom tomorrow and will look at them at the MAC counter, then I’ll come say hi!! xo

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      Yayyy! Can’t wait to hear how you feel about them, I’ll be here, waiting :D

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    This is extremely helpful, thanks! Was contemplating if I should bother buying because I have the whole colourpop liquid lipstick collection. But this is cool I might get a few! Also, your blog is amazing! I shall be coming back more often lol! Keep em coming love xx

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      Thank you for reading darling! Glad I could be of help..xx

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