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I’ve never been one of those people who were sunglasses crazy because I need an extra pair of eyes to get through the day, hello #glassesgang! For that reason, it’s kind of impossible to stock up on beautiful eyewear except they come with prescribed lens, and I honestly don’t have time for that.

Recently, I took the bold step and dived into the world of contacts. Yes, I was ready to join the gang of hotties with flattery lashes and bomb eye make up and you can guess how difficult that would be if I could barely see what I was doing so hello contacts!

(P.S if you’ve ever poked your eyeball with a mascara wand when you have contacts on, we need to have a support group meeting soon)

Dapmod is a Nigerian brand that retails lovely and quality sunglasses at affordable prices. If you’re Nigerian, you’ll know how strenuous it is trying to find pieces that are a combination of those two. I have a little rant here about the frustrations of being an average customer in Nigeria.

I bought a pair last year and literally wore it everywhere! So when I decided to jump fully on the sunglasses train, it was a no brainer to reach out to this brand that I had become fond of. They were very kind of enough to send me few pairs to fuel my recent obsession, one of which is the highlight of this post.

I find that especially with everything happening with the Nigerian economy, I’m drawn to support honest indigenous brands by #BuyingNigerian and I urge you guys to do same!

They deliver to all cities and are set up in different stores across the country but they’re primarily based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Brand Highlight | Dapmod Sunglasses

Price: N6000

Store Location: 19 Fola Osibo street, off Admiralty, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Instagram: Dapmod

Contact Number: +234 8094164050

I hope you guys check them out and if you like what you see, make sure to mention that you’re there based on my referral :)

Till next time..


[Photos by Ekom]

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    The Alaroro

    You look dope!

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    Contacts are absolutely fab but my problem aint with mascara,its with having to wear or remove contacts withnin an hour of handling is crazy..i never xperred it…would never try it again ps.i washed my hands after handling them.

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