The Alma Chronicle | How To Wear Neon In Spring

You might have seen your timelines flooded with bright neon colors over the past month, and that’s because Spring is just around the corner (or finally here, for people that don’t live in Canada)! According to fashion magazines, runways and every Instagram fashion boutique, neon colors are a trend for the season! From bright oranges to pink, green and red, these colors have made a comeback in the chicest ways and you’re most likely to own a piece or two before the season is over.

Admittedly, I never saw the neon colors making a comeback from the ’80s, but when I continuously saw the influx of these bright and sometimes, blinding colors on some of my favorite Instagram accounts, moodbaords and even in my most read newsletters, I began to think about ways to incorporate this trend into what I like to think is a minimal wardrobe.

Here are some tips to functionally incorporating neon colors into your wardrobe effortlessly this season:


If done right, a mix and match of your favorite neon colors are amazing! For this look, I’ve paired this orange trenchcoat, turtleneck and green plaid skirt for a really sleek look that can be worn during the day and at night. I’ve also thrown in one of my favorite pair of colored pumps to complete the outfit. One key tip is to pair similar colors for a more cohesive and put together look. Although the pumps and skirts are different patterns, they are brought together by the associated color schemes of the jacket, turtleneck, and purse, which have been kept monotoned.


My number one rule with any outfit is, “when in doubt, monochrome”. Although this look isn’t a completely monochromatic one, the brightest pieces are of the same family color and this allows you to become more flexible with pairing options. With such bright colors at the top, the possibilities of bottom pairings can range from different styles (skirts, pants, denim, chinos, etc) to different colors (white, black, grey) and so forth.

Check here and here for some of my favorite past monochrome pairings.


Not everyone is brave enough to wear a neon color block from top to bottom and that’s okay! Start by incorporating these colors in your accessories and getting your feet wet with the trend. Although not the brightest neon color out there, this  Charles & Keith purple knot detail purse is one of my favorites at the moment. I’ve pretty much worn it all year (here and here), and have thrown it in this outfit mix to break up the colors as well as coordinate with my shoes.

What are some of your favorite trends of the season? Neutrals are so very in at the moment and you know I’m always on that wave!


photography: @beyondfilmandphotography

Till next time,



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