I feel like I discovered the beauty of shooting in photography studios and never looked back!

It’s been officially a year that we’ve had to re-adjust our entire lives to adapt to the new state of things around the world. As a content creator, I used to be able to walk into my favourite locations in the city and take photos without any hassle, but these days, that privilege has been revoked with all the restrictions + measures that we have in place to keep everyone safe. It’s kinda hard to shoot in a cafe with other people when you’re not wearing a mask, so you get my drift.

I’m constantly looking for ways to stay inspired, and the truth is there are only so many ways I can utilize my 1-bedroom apartment before getting bored, so shooting in a new space makes all the difference! These studios are private spaces that will bring your content mood boards to life. They accommodate anywhere from 5-10 people depending on the space, so if you have a team, this works great as well!

Update: Studios in Toronto are now open to personal/family/engagement sessions and commercial photography (marketing, advertising, film production, etc). 

Okay, now let’s get to the juice of this post. Here are 5 photography studios in Toronto that will help bring your “aesthetic” vision to life every time! Some things that these studios have in common are:

  • Natural Lighting
  • High ceilings
  • Modern / Vintage decor
  • Modern / Rustic furniture
  • Central location


I’ve shot in this studio a few times, and every time was a bang! The studio is located on the 3rd floor of the building and is divided into 6 big rooms with large windows providing lots of natural light at any time of the day. Each room comes with a beautiful selection of decor and backgrounds to create an ambience/mood of the space that you can take advantage of in different ways. Each room has a different interior design and decor suitable for all types of photoshoots, so you can always find something to fit your aesthetic.

My go-to rooms are the Conservatory, White Loft, Kitchen and Salon because they 100% fit my brand! I also love that these rooms change depending on the season, so there’s always something to look forward to.

I believe they also have a 2nd-floor studio but I’ve never shot there. One thing to note is that this building doesn’t have an elevator, so if you have a lot of equipment, get ready to haul them up a flight of stairs or book the service elevator ahead of time!


I have been shooting at this studio a lot recently, check here and here, that it almost feels like a second home.

It’s a fully furnished loft (living area, bathroom, kitchen) with mid-century/vintage artist vibes, and unique props from books to vases, candles and a lot more. I love that they also have other photography essentials like a backdrop stand, tripod, fabric backdrops, a clothing rack, hand steamers, etc. Really, all you have to do is show up and shoot!

Plus side – they have a sound system so you can play your music to get into the mood!


image credit: mararamiro studios

This studio is high up on my wishlist of places to shoot at. I first came across it on another influencer’s IG stories and I absolutely fell in love with the decor. It’s a shoppable photography studio located in Leslieville, meaning many of the home decor items in the studio are available for purchase. I’m imagining that if the pieces are up for purchase, then there will be a good rotation of furniture and home decor pieces regularly, which I’m not mad about!


image credit: objx studios

I’ve seen a lot of content creators shoot at this studio, but I haven’t had the pleasure to. I’ll admit it’s a little different from my vibe because I love white walls and bright rooms, but it’s a beautiful space nonetheless! I know it’s quite a big space so this studio will be my first choice if I had a big production like a TV commercial (speaking this into existence).

You can either book one of their three rooms or book the entire space. To see the cost of booking either, check out the website link below for more information.

P.S They also have a lounge/cafe in the studio so you can also enjoy a cup of coffee, tea and snacks while shooting. This is something the other studios on this list don’t have!


image credit: lovt west studio

I’ve shot at this studio once and it’s a beautiful space if you’re on a budget, it’s probably the least expensive of the others on the list but still worth the $$! It’s an open concept style loft space with great natural light, an ensuite bathroom and tons of props! I shot one of my favourite photos in 2020, see here, and a bunch of campaigns as well!

I hope you found these recommendations of photography studios in Toronto useful. Bookmark, share with your friends, save on Pinterest so you can always reference it in the future :)

Till next time,


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    All beautiful spaces ?. Thanks for the recommendations

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    Thank you so much for the feature! Can’t wait to have you back in the studio soon!

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