IMG_6552Hey guys! So I am currently on holiday with the fambam in Mauritius and I thought to share this experience with you my lovely readers.

Hard to believe but I am not camera crazy when I go on vacations, I like to keep the camera away and enjoy the moments but Mauritius is so beautiful that it’ll be a crime not to share.

We started the day off at a Rum producing factory, learning the production procedure and tasting the end products (different types of rum).IMG_6586IMG_6587IMG_6581IMG_6602IMG_6645IMG_6627IMG_6640IMG_6630IMG_6624IMG_6643IMG_6648The classic and vanilla rums were my favourite.

Then we visited La Vallee des Couleurs nature park. Getting lost in the beauty of nature was definitely the highlight of my day plus I finally got to ride a quad bike and my mother was surprisingly a very calm passenger!

IMG_6657 IMG_6658 IMG_6660IMG_6668 IMG_6655IMG_6677IMG_6701IMG_6699IMG_6709 IMG_6713 IMG_6716

We ended the day at this small restaurant by the waterfront that serves by far the best prawns I have ever tasted, I was so hungry that I only remembered to take a picture after my


Got back in time to watch the sunset. Perfect ending to a beautiful day.


Gotta rush off to dinner and more laughs with the family…

Love, happiness & more love..


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    Mauritius is so breathtakingly beautiful. I’d like to go there soon. You seem like you’re having a great time….Enjoy x

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    The sunset shot is such a great shot!

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    Sir KayD

    I’m loving the photos…. It gives a sweet feeling !!

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    Sir KayD

    Your photographer iz really good !!

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      Thank you!

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