A Tutorial On Editing Photos with Lightroom

My editing process has changed tremendously over the last 2 years. In my last post here on my Own Your Blog series, I wrote about using apps like Facetune, VSCO and Snapseed to edit content. However, as The Alma Chronicle has grown, I have invested in more pro editing applications, just like I have invested in camera gear.

In this post, I’m sharing a detailed tutorial on how I edit my Instagram and blog photos with Lightroom. Since I started using Lightroom, I’ve seen a peak in engagement on my photos and I hope this video is as informative as you need it to be! Note that I am not a Lightroom expert but I’ve been able to take my photos from 0-100 in the last couple of months by utilizing the app to the best of my knowledge and skills I’ve picked up from YouTube. Leave any additional questions you have in the comments below and I will definitely answer them!

Shop Presets: (For this video, I’m using the “In The Know” preset bundle)

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