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Hey huntys and huncles! (blame Latoya for this misbehaviour), how you doing??!

It is a really sunny/hot day here in Houston and between trying to figure out why the air conditioner in my room is acting a fool and trying not to die from a heat stroke, I decided to share with you guys a few items/products that I am currently loving.

First, these gorgeous sandals I picked up from River Island a while ago. I love how simple it is when viewed from the front and then the snake print on the back gives it a really nice edgy twist. I see myself pairing this with a lot of outfits from day to night looks & getting my strut on!


River Island sandals.


Sneaker business is serious business hunnays, as much as I love my heels, a good ol’ pair of sneakers are needed every other day.


Nike Roshes

You’ve probably spotted this pair of sunglasses in every selfie/picture I have taken this holiday, that’s how much I love it! This was a last minute buy before I left Lagos because I broke my sunglasses and I needed a replacement asap. I had been seeing this brand around and decided to give them a try, colour me happy and impressed. You can find them on IG : Dapmod


Metal cat-eye sunglasses from Dapmod

Stacking up bangles is slowly becoming a thing for me and I have found it’s best to play with colours and tones so as to create an “effect”. This set comes in rose gold, gold & silver.


I have been looking for ways to get rid of my acne spots and being a true believer of Clinique, I decided to give these two products a try, I have no review yet as I just started using them about two weeks ago but I will let you guys know how I feel about them after a month-ish. Also, if you know any good products that I can use to get rid of acne spots (preferably non-oily), I’d really appreciate a comment below!


Clinique even better skin tone correcting lotion & dark spot corrector serum

Thank you guys for reading! Do come back and visit my little corner of the internet again!

Love, happiness & more love..




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    Please let me know when you find out what works for spot removal. My struggle.

    Plus I love the shoes. Good buys ?

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    Solid Nikes!

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