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The basis of any stylish wardrobe is a good ol’ pair of sturdy denim, a number of white shirts and cute pumps/sandals. I find that this has been my go-to outfit for the days I’m in doubt and even on the days I’m pretty sure.

As much as I love styling a classic white button shirt like I did in this lookbook here, I also love the trend of a basic white shirt being characterized with flare sleeves, boxy arms or even padded shoulders, bringing the classic 90’s style back.

I’ve been collecting simple white shirts in different styles for as long as I can remember and I can honestly say it’s the best staple piece in my closet.

For this look, I’m wearing the Topshop Jamie denim, with this pretty bell sleeved top with black linings. I’ve paired the outfit with my Louis Vuitton Cluny BB purse and a pair of patterned Christian Louboutin pumps.

I’m currently obsessed with drop earrings and I think I’ll be for the whole summer. They literally are the perfect stand-out piece to dramatize a rather simple outfit.  This Forever 21 gold drop hoop pairs so well with the gold framed Dapmod sunglasses to complete my outfit.

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    Yvonne Ben

    I love this look Alma! Very chic! And those shoes 😍😍😍


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      Thank you Yv!! <3


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    Love the simplicity of this look, the bell sleeves are everything. And I love your earrings , perfect statement earrings. xx
    Coco Bella Blog 


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