Hey guys!

I really have nothing spectacular to write about today so I thought how about I just ramble for a bit? Yes? YES! LOL…Lets get into rambling then.

First of all, school work is KILLING me!!! I mean I know it is the primary reason I am here but when do I start having fun? When do I start making friends (asides from my classmates)? Sigh..I am going to find time to go somewhere fun this weekend because I am not about this all work and no play life.

I started working out again!!! *insert clap*..As I type this post, there is no part of my body that doesn’t hurt, really, but like my personal trainer( yeah I got one, I am that serious) would say “think about the summer Alma” so thats all I am doing to stay sane and motivated.

I still don’t get the deal with this weather tho, it is sunny and a little warm this second then before you know it, BOOM you can’t see past the snow. Like really? REALLY? All I am asking for is a full day of warmth and sunshine, is that too much? I take back all the insults I hurled at Nigerian sun because I really do miss it.

Anyways, thats all the rambling I have to do for today and I feel like I am due for an outfit post but the weather is saying a big no-no in my face, I am just trying to stay warm at the moment that I throw fashion out the door and throw on the warmest pieces in my wardrobe.

I had a mini haul this past week (picture above) and I am just going to list the items below

  • Garnier anti-shine cleansing gel (highly recommended)
  •        Garnier impurities eliminating scrub (highly recommended)
  • Tory Burch perfume
  • Urban outfitters nail polish (dark blue) and matte top coat
  • Essie black nail polish
  • EOS lip balm (I don’t know why I didn’t invest in this since)
  • MAC lip pencil in Nightmoth
  • Suzy Shier sweater

That’s all for this post and do come back again!

Have a nice weekend!…xx

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