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Casual White Shirt and Denim | The Alma Chronicle


The basis of any stylish wardrobe is a good ol’ pair of sturdy denim, a number of white shirts and cute pumps/sandals. I find that this has been my go-to outfit for the days I’m in doubt and even on the days I’m pretty sure. As much as I love...

Once Upon A Time | The Alma Chronicle


Seeing the words distressed and denim side by side in a sentence never would have triggered the thought of a glamorous dress, high-low bustier and definitely not floral prints. But somehow, this couture piece embodies all three elements in perfect proportions. (more…)


I never thought I'd see myself abandoning my holy-grail-ride-or-die skinny jeans in place of flared denim in 2016 but here I am in a pair feeling like Britney Spears in her glory days. Lately, full and cropped flared bottoms are being paraded on runways, red carpets, and even dressed up or down by...


  • Lately, I’ve been lacing my personal pep talks with a hint of arrogance, it has become necessary for the days my well of motivation dries out #notsorry 💫 {P.S Instagram actually tried it 😒}
  • Can we talk about how ☄️ ☄️ this trench is for a second? #HM #HMFallFashion | 📸: @samuelobi
  • Yesterday, we celebrated love and old friendships, thanks for letting me be a part of your big day @ego_giffy_z, you were such a beautiful bride my love 💙💚 👗: @i.wear.asika 📸: @oladunmomi
  • Today, I realised that I’ve been juggling a full time job and a side hustle effectively for the past 7 months. I’m usually my biggest critic and never one to pause and appreciate all my victories, instead I’m always wondering “what’s the next thing I can do?” But today I’m giving myself a pat on the back for the sleepless nights, fruitless trips and unanswered proposals because guess what? I’m constantly pushing and putting in effort towards my goals & like @fisayolonge said, “While I wait, I will not fear” 😊 #celebratingeverything | 📸: @samuelobi
  • Refusing to give up minis till the first sight of ❄️ btw how cute are these @callitspring boots? 😍🖤 | 📸: @samuelobi #CallItSpring #AldoCrew #HM