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I’m always open to testing the waters when it comes to skin care products. The first time I heard of a Konjac Sponge was from one of my favourite beauty vloggers, Jackie Aina. She swore (for lack of a better expression) by the Boscia Cleansing Sponge and how it gently exfoliated her skin and minimized pores. I immediately took to Sephora to add this miracle product to my wishlist but somehow never got around to buying it.

Few weeks later, I got an email from the Konjac Sponge Company, asking to send over a sample for review and I was excited. Mainly because I got to save $17..Lol. I did my research and found out it had similar properties to the Boscia sponge I had my eyes on which was an extra bonus.

I always thought a Konjac sponge was a one size fits all, but apparently not. There are different types of sponges catering to different skin types. I got the French Green Clay Puff Sponge because I have a normal to combination skin.

I started using the sponge on return from my trip to Nigeria, which was about 3 weeks ago and I must confess that I’m really impressed. Seeing as it’s the winter season, I was scared that an exfoliating sponge will rip off the essential oils, leaving my skin over dry. I was wrong. It gently exfoliates while deeply cleansing and minimizing my pores, just like the description claims. Although it’s ideal for use without a cleanser, I pair it with the Neutrogena Power Cream Wash for every other day use. Typically, a Konjac sponge will last 2-3 months if taken care of properly. I wrap mine in a sealable bag and put in the refrigerator as a way to keep it away from water while keeping it fresh and cool.

Can I do without it in my skin care routine? Maybe. But it is a great addition nonetheless and I recommend it.

How to Use: Rinse and hydrate your sponge in warm water. Squeeze out any excess water and gently cleanse skin in circular motion. After use, rinse sponge properly and allow to dry in an airy place.


Price: £8.99, $14.99, $16 CAD

You can find a list of your local stockist here 

What skin care products are you guys loving at the moment? Hit me with suggestions in the comment section below!

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    What a neat product, I’ve never heard of this and will have to try it out. I wonder if they have something similar at the department store where I work. The skin product that I’m really loving right now is “dramatically different” moisturizer by Clinique. I put it on in the morning before my primer when I do my makeup and after cleansing in the evening. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin when I put my makeup on every day, especially with this cold dry weather that normally dries my skin out.


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      I’ve used the Clinique dramatically different moisturizer before and I absolutely loved it!! I think you should give the exfoliating sponge a try, you’ll like it!


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