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From time to time, I try to step out of my comfort style zone and experiment with pieces that I’d ordinarily never think twice about. Lately, my experiment has been fixated on maxi dresses.

White Bucket Bag | The Alma Chronicle

For some reason, maxi dresses were never my thing. They hung off loosely on my body shape and never flattered the little curves I spent hours in the gym sculpting, so it made little to no sense to invest in them / make them a vital part of my wardrobe.

While packing for my recent trip to San Juan, I reluctantly decided to throw in a maxi dress into my suitcase last minute. I’ve been obsessed with the colour yellow all summer so I was instantly drawn to this piece on first sight.

As I was on a tropical island, I decided to keep this look bright by pairing the yellow maxi dress with these orange tassel earrings. The retro/vintage trend has been making a comeback and I’m loving it in the form of accessories. This white bucket purse and oval sunglasses are my current go-to favourites.

In other words, can you believe the summer is slowly coming to an end? The year has been moving at such a fast pace and I cannot deny that I’ve been suffering from the fear of not doing enough before it comes to an end. My trip to Puerto Rico was an attempt to get away from all the adulting and gather my thoughts towards my goals for the remaining 4 months in 2017. I admit that I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with everything going on in my personal life, and I’ve had to take a step back to reevaluate and prioritize what’s most important for myself and well being. It’s important to unplug from all the madness once in a while to remind and reward yourself for doing your best.

How do you feel about the year going by so fast? What are somethings you’re hopeful for before the year ends? You can click here to see what I’m hopeful for.

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    Yasssss. You nailed this look darling 😍😍


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