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It’s no secret that the summer time is the season of colour confidence. With an array of colours coming out to play, there’s no reason to not be clad in a spectrum of colours, at least once. Here are 3 tips on how you can own colour this summer:

  • Be Bold – Don’t be afraid to go bright!

Each year, there always seems to be a fresh take on the colour palette – this summer for one, is saturated with fuchsia, yellows, tropical greens and chill blue colours. The beauty of these colours is in their versatility, as they offer a little something for every style sensibility. But the secret to owning these summer hues is to wear the colours in confidence.

  • Colour clash

Now, this kind of styling can either make or break an outfit, but as long as you follow a few rules you can’t go wrong. To successfully rock this trend, pick a bright colour and pair with a darker or cooler tone. My choice for this outfit is a mix of blue and yellow – the bright splash of yellow which uplifts the outfit is perfectly combined with a bold but underwhelmingย blue, allowing for the two to match effortlessly.

And if you don’t feel comfortable colour clashing just yet, you can choose to pair your brights with more neutral hues like blacks, whites or even denim. Either way, you’re spoilt for choice with endless combinations. Alternatively, you can play with patterns like I didย here

  • Accessorize

Another way to brighten up your summer wardrobe is to accessorize with colour. From shoes to jewellery pieces, these accessories can be used as statement pieces. They can be used to compliment a colour already styled in an outfit – such as I have done with this outfit, or they can be worn as standalone pieces.

How to wear colour combinations | The Alma Chronicle

What are your favourite colours to wear in the summer? Let me know in the comments below :)

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