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I love these casual Friday posts!! I was just complaining to a friend that I barely have time during the week to look as glam as I’d like because, work. However, I always feel like a new person come the weekend because I get to dress up, wear make-up and maybe even make an appearance at one or two events.

I’ve always preached the importance of basics in any stylish girl’s wardrobe, that I probably sound like a broken record now. However, I get questions from a lot of people asking for tips on how to revamp their wardrobe or figure out their personal style and I always suggest they start with the basics.

They are the foundation on which every outfit is built, I sometimes liken it to building a house. Can you build one without a foundation? I don’t think so.

However, your basics don’t necessarily have to be boring. For example, if the plain ol’ blue denim is outplayed for you, change it up by investing in same style but in a different colour. Personally, I swear by the mom’s jeans and I own them in the traditional blue, white (for the days I want to look like I put in an effort) and pink (for my more playful days). The trick is to invest in pieces that compliment and highlight your 3 top moods.

Bodysuits are a good alternative to the regular t-shirt. Not only are they trendy right now, but also super chic and sexy. Always opt for a style that is most flattering for your body type. I love a good low neck because why not show off one of my favorite assets? #sideeye

I’ve paired this look with a classic heel sandals in camouflage, my favorite bucket handbag and a printed Ed hardy hat.

What are some pieces in your closet you cannot live without? Please leave a comment below!

Till next time,

Have a great weekend!


The Alma Chronicle | Casual Outfits


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